Uses and Benefits
Being Omega 3 an important constituent of the cellular membrane, it increases the length of life of the cell, which would offer our whole organism a better quality and time of life.
Omega 3 is the precursor for the development of DHA that fetuses need to generate for an appropriate brain development, as well as, during the first years of the infants.
When cells live longer, specially brain cells, the possibilities of getting the Alzheimer dicease decreases or in any matter it would retard the progress of it.
Reduces the levels of fat in our blodd, consequently, the possibility of this fat settling on the vessel walls.
Contributes to a normal blood flow, preventing possible hearts attacks.
Reduces the probabilities of developing cancer, coronary diseases, asthma and arthritis, at the same time helps diminish the advance of these illnesses in case they are already present.
Ulcerative Colitis
Lack of Calcium
Rheumatic arthritis
The malfunction of the thyroid and decreases the systematic inflammation.
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